Hundreds of Facts You Never Heard About Covid and the History of Big Pharma

If someone had told me a year ago that Big Pharma has been lying about vaccines for 100 years, I might have thought they were tinfoil hat crazy conspiracy theorists. All our lives we have been told vaccines were the saviors from the high death rates from infectious diseases. And then a funny thing happened… while researching Covid, I stumbled upon some medical history from a variety of sources, including the CDC and John Hopkins hospital. Nothing like having your world turned upside down.

Since March 2020, I have spent, and continue to spend thousands of hours researching. It started when I saw conflicting data that didn’t make sense. Half of the world had very high death rates and the other half had very low death rates. So I decided to find the truth for myself and to share what I learned with others. My research included:

  • reading many scientific studies
  • reading articles and watching videos from top doctors and scientists around the world
  • the history and corruption of Big Pharma
  • the history of vaccines
  • the corruption of the World Health Organization, as well as health agencies of many nations around the world
  • the Nuremberg Code
  • federal U.S. law regarding the use of experimental products as approved by the FDA… in this case cloth masks, PCR tests and vaccines. The law that says people must be fully informed and everyone has the right of refusal.

I spent weeks putting my research together for people to read and providing the links to all my sources. Not all of it; that would take a book, but a great deal of it. I have shared the link on Facebook as well as many other platforms. Now Facebook has decided too many people have read it and they will no longer allow me to share it. In fact, they have put me in “Facebook jail” a couple of times for sharing it. Facebook is using every dirty tactic to hide the facts surrounding Covid. Knowledge is power and they are fighting to take that power away from you… from all of us.

So, I have created a new page so I have a link to share on Facebook that you can use to go to the original article exposing the massive fraud surrounding Covid, as well Big Pharma. Click on the link below to jump to the original article… (which does get updated with new evidence from time to time).

Evidence of Massive Fraud in Handling of Covid-19

If what you learn makes you as angry as it made me and you want to fight back, you do have an option… send them a cease and desist. You don’t need an attorney, just a printer and large envelope. You can put any company / organization / government agency on notice, letting them know they are violating federal law if they try to coerce or force experimental products (masks, PCR tests and vaccines) on anyone.

The following link contains the same information as the Evidence of Massive Fraud in Handling of Covid-19 article along with several samples of cease and desist cover letters. Select the sample that best fits your needs and modify it for your unique situation. Print out the evidence package to send along with the cease and desist letter. For more details, go to:

Pressured to get a Vaccine? Send a Cease and Desist!

2 thoughts on “Hundreds of Facts You Never Heard About Covid and the History of Big Pharma

  1. Hi from the UK

    A very good post of yours, thank you. I used to think that vaccines were of some use, but not for the ‘flu which is what Covid 19 is supposed to be.

    Once I started researching last year on furlough, I got wise. By the beginning of last June I had the basic answers and have set out my findings, along with a host of other things (including just amusing articles to make people laugh I hope!).

    On finding the truth I was extremely angry like you of course. What has happened is no less than the murder of the innocent, albeit they were ignorant. The latter was due to the same people, by and large, who kept people in the dark and lied and lied and lied again.

    I have done a summary in the link below if you are interested. Various sub-links within to various aspects.

    Kind regards

    Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Michael. I am most interested in reading your article. We must all share with each other to expand our own knowledge and to share it with others. We cannot allow these lies to continue.

      Liked by 2 people

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